Just Keep Sewing, Just Keep Sewing!

As Californians are about to hit the two month mark of “Safe at Home,” I find myself watching and re-watching and re-watching sewing vlogs from my favorite content creators, namely Angela Clayton, Bernadette Banner, Morgan Donner and American Duchess. I would love to create content for “Ye Olde YouTube” (as Bernadette calls it), but sadly my 7-year-old laptop cannot handle anything as intense as editing videos. It can, however, handle the written word on the handy dandy WordPress! So put the kettle on and settle in, folks, for I have many projects from the past two months to discuss!

The first project completed was a super secret commission for a friend of mine. It was already 90% done in the “Before Times,” so it only took me a few days to finish all the final details.


(All photos were taken in our living room/amateur photo studio set-up, i.e. a backdrop, more fabric on the floor, a few lights, and an iPhone. So please forgive the photo quality for the foreseeable future.)

Another 90% done project was my Seramyu Sailor Jupiter. I began this project a year ago, abandoned it in July, did little bits here & there in the past few months, and finally sewed the last snap in the beginning of April. I am so grateful to LunarLyn, for purchasing all the supplies and providing all the information to construct this beauty. It’s definitely the most detailed costume I’ve ever made, and I am so incredibly proud of it. I can’t wait to wear it at whatever future con (hopefully Wondercon 2021?).


My next project is an oldie but goodie: my Water Blue New World cosplay. I made Riko in 2018 for Anime Expo. The second season of the Love Live: Sunshine anime came out earlier that year, and we began to see images of the live stage version as we were sewing. So although the fabrics do not match the stage version, our silhouettes and the final details were as close as we could make them. The construction was mostly good, but I wanted to make just a few edits to make it perfect. Firstly, I shortened the chiffon sleeves and the glitter tulle underskirt, which instantly improved the proportions. Next, I completely remade the overskirt/peplum. The first version was unlined and not nearly sparkly enough, so I replaced the white cotton sateen with Sparkle Armor and lined it in Sparkle Armor as well. This added the sparkle and structure that it so desperately needed, and I’m now 100% satisfied with my Water Blue New World cosplay.



I will talk about a commission based off a Cinderella doll in my next blog post, but I made a wearable mock-up for myself to test the blouse pattern. Spoiler alert: I altered the pattern so much for the commission, that it was basically unrecognizable from the commercial pattern. I did, however, gain an adorable green blouse to add to my wardrobe. The pattern is McCall’s M7184. Then I made a matching mask, because why not? I was making a few for myself anyways, so why not coordinate my mask with my outfit?


And this is just the beginning! I have nothing else going on–I’m single, unemployed, and I’m not playing Animal Crossing like most of my friends–so I just have not stopped sewing for two months straight. According to my records, I have completed 14 projects in that time, and I have another three currently in progress. I will go into more detail for the other projects shortly!

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