Making Of: Plaid Robe & Pajama Pants

Can I just say that vintage patterns are infinitely superior to modern ones? I acquired Vogue Patterns #9859, which I presume to be from the 1980s, at the Costume College Rummage Sale. It is in a size 16 (so one size too small for me), but the robe pattern still fit me perfectly. No excessive 6+ inches of ease in the waist, no waistline that actually sits at my underbust (aka all the “improvements” in modern patterns). The longest robe length brushes the floor when I walk, and I never knew such a sensation was possible for a six-foot-tall woman like me! I absolutely adore how extra I feel, wandering through my apartment and swooshing my robe whenever I turn. In the future, I would love to make this pattern in a few lighter fabrics more fitting for an LA summer, and possibly try out some of the shorter lengths.


The pants consist of just one pattern piece, cut out twice. The only sewing included the inseam, crotch seam, waistband and hem. With my loud and proud hips, I knew I couldn’t get away with the smaller size, and I prefer my pajamas to have a looser fit. I added an extra five inches to the width, extended the waistband up three inches, and lengthened the pants by four inches. I did have to cut quite a bit off at the hem before I could hem it, but I liked the oversized, high-waisted look and feel of these pajama pants.


(Please excuse my super messy living room/sewing space. I clean it between sewing projects, and yet it always returns to its disaster-like state in a matter of days.)

When I completed this ensemble, I had a few glorious weeks of LA “winter” to thoroughly enjoy them. I practically lived in this robe, and it served as my isolation uniform throughout late March and early April. Now that LA has returned to summer, with average temperatures in the 80s and two heat waves already behind us, I’ll stare wistfully at my flannel robe and remember the days when I curled up in it instead of flocking to the air conditioning….


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